Volunteer Opportunities Menu

Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council welcomes you to the self-select Volunteer Opportunities Menu.  A Girl Scout volunteer must be 18 or older and not enrolled or classified as a high school student.  Please note that this is not an exclusive list and all volunteer opportunities may not be included on this menu. 

Follow these steps to volunteer:

  1. Review the menu “By Date” and/or “By Interest.”     
    • By Date volunteer opportunities are short-term/one time volunteer experiences scheduled to take place on a specific date.              
    • By Interest opportunities allow the prospective volunteer to select experiences that match their skills, talents and/or desired interests.
  2. Select the volunteer opportunity (or opportunities) that you desire.
  3. Communicate your desire to volunteer by e-mailing or phoning the contact person.  If follow-up has not been made within 5-7 business days, contact the Membership Department at 713-292-0300; 800-392-4340 or at cteague@sjgs.org.     
  4. Volunteer Opportunities Available        

    Volunteer Application and Criminal Background Check Authorization Form (GSSJC F-39)

    All adults assuming a leadership role must complete a Volunteer Application and Criminal Background Check Authorization Form (GSSJC F-39).