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Pegine (Peg-een) Echevarria is CEO of Team Pegine Inc. (TPI), an author and speaker. TPI works with government and corporate clients to engage, train and market to diverse communities worldwide. She works primarily in industries related to science, technology, defense and manufacturing. Her company's expertise is to provide scalable, strategic systems that increase productivity, engagement and profits in a changing, diverse world.

During her teenage years, Pegine’s sales and leadership training began when she ran with the wrong crowd on the tough streets of the Bronx becoming a member of a girl gang. Within the gang culture, Pegine relied on a sharp wit and dynamic personality for "street credit". But even her charm could not keep Pegine out of trouble. She was kicked out of her first high school and finally graduated from another high school after a Girl Scout leader took Pegine under her wing. She learned the power of mentoring, laughter and belonging to group. At 18 Pegine decided enough was enough and became a leader in her own life. She moved to Europe where she turned her life around. She launched two businesses, both which she sold at a profit by the time she was 23 when she returned to the states to finish her BA. She learned “what you think is what you get”, how critical sales skills were for everyone and that change took guts. Her transformation continued. She became the top Evinrude salesperson at the NY Boat show, national sales & operations manager at Pierre Cardin/Gant menswear (opening the Latino market) and President of a women’s direct sales catalogue company. She learned positive leadership skills and she became fascinated with motivation, leadership and people. Specifically, why some people took advantage of opportunities while others didn’t and how organizations help or hinder individual success.

She went on to earn a Masters in Social Work, from Adelphi University, in group and organizational development focusing on how organizations and groups empower people to be leaders and how people can be leaders their own lives. She founded the University’s Cultural Diversity Committee. Along the way, Pegine designed and directed a Latino family support center that was named one of the top ten in the country by The Harvard Group Review. Pegine’s hobby is performing stand-up comedy about how people interact with life, leadership, business and family. Pegine gives back to the community through her volunteerism especially as it concerns the military, women and girls and the Hispanic community.

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