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What will you do today? Discover new things about yourself? Accomplish something you've dreamed of? Change your community? Impact the world?

Leadership experiences are what make Girl Scouting unique. There is no better time to join, than now!

For 100 years, Girl Scouts has offered every girl the opportunity to discover who she can be and what she can do, wherever she chooses to put her energies. If you think it, chances are you can do it!

Girl Scouts is for every girl, every where. But, it's also for adults - caring women and men willing to share their time and talents to help girls explore their interests and achieve their potential.

Learn how to become involved with Girl Scouts by attending a recruitment event in your area.



The schools below have been assigned to a recruitment event at:
Spring Creek Greenway Nature Center

School ID School Name
101919109 Anderson Elementary School
101919003 Andy Dekaney High School
101919048 Bailey (Ricky C) Middle School
101919102 Bammel Elementary School
101919046 Bammel Middle School
101919112 Beneke Elementary School
170902129 Birnham Woods Elementary
101919124 Booker (Carolee) Elementary School
170902127 Broadway (Sue) Elementary School
101919119 Burchett (Chet) Elementary School
101919116 Clark Intermediate School
101919118 Clark Primary School
101919047 Claughton (Stelle) Middle School
101919120 Cooper (Milton) Elementary School
170902077 Cox (Tom, Sr) Intermediate School
101919123 Donna Lewis Elementary School
101919044 Dueitt Middle School
101919126 Eickenroht (Ralph) Elementary
170902112 Ford (A D) Elementary School
101919115 Heritage Elementary School
101919108 Hirsch (Pearl M) Elementary School
170902111 Houser Elementary School
101919125 Hoyland Elementary
101919107 Jenkins (Mildred) Elementary School
101919110 Link (Joan) Elementary School
101919127 Major (Helen) Elementary
101919128 Marshall (Gloria) Elementary
101919121 McNabb (Ginger) Elementary School
101919106 Meyer Elementary School
101919122 Northgate Crossing Elementary School
170902109 Oak Ridge Elementary School
170902005 Oak Ridge High School
170902998 Oakridge High School 9th Grade Campus
101919103 Ponderosa Elementary School
101919105 Reynolds (Pat) Elementary School
101919117 Salyers Elementary School
101919111 Smith Elementary School
101919001 Spring High School
101919114 Thompson (Deloras E) Elementary School
101919045 Twin Creeks Middle School
170902069 Vogel (Dolly) Intermediate School
101919043 Wells (Edwin M) Middle School
101919002 Westfield High School
101919104 Winship (John) Elementary School
101919018 Wunsche (Carl) High School
170902049 York (C D) Junior High School