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What will you do today? Discover new things about yourself? Accomplish something you've dreamed of? Change your community? Impact the world?

Leadership experiences are what make Girl Scouting unique. There is no better time to join, than now!

For 100 years, Girl Scouts has offered every girl the opportunity to discover who she can be and what she can do, wherever she chooses to put her energies. If you think it, chances are you can do it!

Girl Scouts is for every girl, every where. But, it's also for adults - caring women and men willing to share their time and talents to help girls explore their interests and achieve their potential.

Learn how to become involved with Girl Scouts by attending a recruitment event in your area.



The schools below have been assigned to a recruitment event at:
Newport Elementary

School ID School Name
101905006 Apollo
101906103 Barrett Primary School
101925101 Bowen (Ben) Early Childhood Center
101905106 Brown (Harvey S) Elementary School
101924109 Carroll (H M) Elementary School
101905001 Channelview High School
101905101 Cobb (Viola) Elementary School
101925102 Copeland Elementary School
101905105 Crenshaw Elementary School
101906106 Crosby Elementary School
101906001 Crosby High School
101906102 Crosby Kindergarten Center
101906042 Crosby Middle School
101905102 de Zavala Elementary School
101906104 Drew Intermediate
101905042 Hamblen (B H) Elementary School
101925001 Hargrave High School
101925103 Huffman Intermediate School
101925041 Huffman Middle School
146905101 Hull-Daisetta Elementary School
146905001 Hull-Daisetta High School
146905041 Hull-Daisetta Junior High School
101905041 Johnson (Alice) Junior High School
101924001 King (C E) High School
101924041 King (C E) Middle School
101905002 Kolarik (L W) 9th Grade Center
101905104 McMullan Elementary School
101924104 Monahan (L E) Elementary School
101906101 Newport Elementary School
101924102 Royalwood Elementary School
101905103 Schochler Elementary School
101924045 Sheldon 6th Grade Campus
101924108 Sheldon Elementary School
101924107 Stephanie Cravens Academy