Studio 2B

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  • What is Studio 2B?
    STUDIO 2B is the way girls 11-17 experience Girl Scouts! It’s about who girls are, who they are becoming, how they belong, what they believe, and how they are building the world around them. In Studio 2B, girls find a safe place to participate in many different kinds of activities, gain new experiences, take healthy risks, or just be with other girls. Studio 2B is for every girl 11-17, everywhere, who would like to participate. (Juniors can participate once they turn 11.)
  • Girl Scouts canoeingIs Studio 2B "real" Girl Scouts?
    Absolutely! Girls in Studio 2B are registered Girl Scouts, pay membership dues, and accept the Girl Scout Promise and Law. They also follow the Safety-Wise guidelines and standards and can participate in product sales if they choose.
  • Can girls continue using the names Cadette and Senior?
    Yes. Girls who want to continue using those names may do so.
  • Where do Juliettes  fit in?
    You can participate in Studio 2B as part of a troop or individually, as a Juliette.
  • Will the term Girl Scout leader not be used?

    Studio 2B refers to adult volunteers who work with girls ages 11-17 as advisors who empower, coach and support.

  • How do you register in Studio 2B?
    Continue using the current registration forms and systems.
  • As part of Studio 2B, can you work on Silver and Gold Award projects?
    Absolutely! Girls who want to earn a Silver or Gold Award can certainly do so. They should follow the guidelines in the Cadette Girl Scout Handbook and A Resource Book for Senior Girl Scouts. New resources that are based on input from girls, advisors, and councils to help coach girls thought the process of earning the awards are in development. 
  • Can current mixed-aged groups continue to exist?