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What is Girl Scouting?

Girl Scouts is the premier leadership organization for girls in kindergarten through 12th grade. Through programs that include science and technology, business and economic literacy, visual arts, and outdoor and environmental awareness, Girl Scouting encourages girls to discover themselves, connect with others and take action to make the world a better place.

Girl Scouts is an international organization dedicated solely to girls. In partnership with committed adult volunteers, girls build character and skills to achieve success in the real world - all while having fun!

Girl Scouts is for any girl, in kindergarten through 12th grade, who subscribes to the Girl Scout Promise and Law. We are committed to serving every girl, everywhere!

Girls can also participate in Girl Scouting as part of a traditional troop/group or individually, as Juliettes. Girl Scout Juliettes typically work with an adult to complete a variety of activities and community service projects. The Juliette program is designed to fit girls' busy schedules.

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How girls can get involved in Girl Scouting

It's easy to join Girl Scouts! Membership in Girl Scouts is open to all girls, in kindergarten through 12th grade, and adult women and men who share the Girl Scout Promise and Law - regardless of ethnic, religious or social backgrounds.

Simply fill out a registration form and pay the national registration fee of $15. (Parents or legal guardians must submit the form for minors.) You can submit your application and registration fee to your troop leader. If you are not already in a troop, mail it to our office.

Financial assistance is available for any girl who cannot afford the registration fee.

If you have questions, please contact us.

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How Parents/Adults can get involved in Girl Scouts

Girl Scouting would not be possible without the support of caring adults - like you! Whether a leader or advisor, parent or guardian, volunteer or mentor, adults help girls discover themselves, connect with others and take action to make the world a better place!

Adults can tailor their participation in Girl Scouting to fit their schedules and lifestyles. For some volunteers, that means working directly with girls throughout the year. For others, it means lending their expertise for short-term or long-term projects.

While our volunteers are diverse, they have one thing in common - a commitment to helping girls build courage, confidence and character! In order for girls to reach their full potential in Girl Scouting, they need the guidance of caring adults like you!

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What is a Girl Scout Recruitment Event?

At a recruitment event, girls and adults learn how to become members of Girl Scouts. Recruiting parents is just as important as recruiting girls. We can't have troops without girls, and we can't have troops without caring adult volunteers.

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