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Volunteer Experience

Name Position Position Description
Caldwell, Pepper Volunteer Experience Manager Supervises West - Regions 6 & 7
Foster-Walker, Forsythia Volunteer Experience Manager Supervises East - Region 10
Harvey, Kathi Volunteer Experience Manager Supervises North - Region 1
Jeffery, Andrea Volunteer Development Manager Passport to Girl Scouting, Leadership Essentials, Facilitator Essentials, Daisy/Brownie/Junior Level Training, Adult Recognition Event
Johnson, Sandra Volunteer Experience Manager Southwest - Region 15 & 16
Myers, Melissa Volunteer Experience Manager Supervises Northwest - Region 2 & 5
Brown, Robin Volunteer Development Manager Administrative Training, Annual Council Meeting, Community and Region Support, Crazy Quilt
Syring, Judy Volunteer Development Manager Adult Recognition and Appreciation, Cadette/Senior/Ambassador Level Training, Day Camp Training, Outdoor Training, E.T.C.-Every Thing Covered
Tompkins, Gail Volunteer Experience Manager South Central - Region 13 & 14
Zaragoza, Regina Volunteer Experience Manager South Central - Region 11 & 12
Murphy, Gina Volunteer Experience Director Volunteer System Processes, Adult Education Opportunities, Conversations That Matter, Facilitator Recruitment
Roldan, Maria Volunteer Experience Manager West - Region 8
Ruiz, Agustina Hispanic Community Engagement Assistant Manager Spanish language delivery of training, Volunteer support for Girl Scout Quest