Galveston Boat Club girlscout camp in galveston


Galveston Boat Club is conveniently located on Galveston Island within sight of Moody Gardens, and just a few miles from the Flight Museum, the beach and Schlitterbahn.

It's nestled within an established residential area, bordered by water on one side and a golf course at the end of the street.

This location is an ideal spot to headquarter while touring the most popular sites on the island.

The Galveston Boat Club is a two-story building with a waterfront view of the back bay. The first floor is screened in and contains an activity room with picnic tables, kitchen (cookware provided), flush toilets and showers. The second floor is a large open room used for program and sleeping. Sleeping is troop cabin style - on the floor. The room has central heat and air conditioning making it suitable for year-round use.

Separate sleeping and bath facilities are available for leaders in an adjacent small building. Sleeping here is also troop cabin style at this time.

The Boat Club has been used primarily as a base of operations from which girls can enjoy the attractions of Galveston Island. Within several blocks to a few miles, troops can enjoy activities such as going to the beach and seawall, Schlitterbahn, Moody Gardens, and the Lone Star Flight Museum. The Strand is also a popular destination but a little longer drive.

Outdoor cooking is available over a ground-level grill – only charcoal cooking is permitted. The property is enclosed by a six foot chain linked fence.

Contact Info:

Phone: (281) 337-6738

Property Manager: Steve Sutton