• Registration Fee Annual membership dues are $15. This Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. registration fee provides accident insurance for all members, plus special services and national program development.
  • Troop Funds - Girls determine a budget to fund their troop’s activities based on proceeds generated from troop dues and the Fall Product and Cookie sales.
  • The Journey Books and Uniforms – Journeys form a key part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, providing a fun and highly interactive way for girls to develop their leadership skills. Journeys are designed to meet the interests and needs of girls at every grade level, culminating in awards that help them see just how far they’ve come. While Girl Scouts uniforms are optional, many girls enjoy wearing them because it fosters bonding and connects them to the national organization.
  • Financial Assistance – Limited financial assistance is available to make Girl Scouting a reality for all girls.