Celebrate 100! Birthday Celebrations girlscouts celebrate 100 birthdays

Everyone loves birthday celebrations! Have one of your own by hosting a party for your troop, interest group, service unit or entire area! We want hundreds of celebrations!

Schedule your party during March 2012 and plan to make it memorable. Use our Celebrate 100! Birthday Party Ideas to help brainstorm something creative and have the girls make a plan.

Sample ideas:

1. Vintage Games Party – bring vintage games and play them

29. Birthday in a bag – put supplies in a bag and whatever gets pulled out becomes the party decorations, theme, etc.; or have several bags and have girls choose one to be the party theme (without looking in the bag!)

51. 100 Jump rope party – 100 Girl Scouts jumping rope at once or jump 100 times

109. Candy making party – use candy to make things (i.e. a train out of lifesavers); make candy from molds; cover chocolate with sprinkles; make a kiss rose (place 2 Hershey kisses with bases together, cover is clear colored film; add a leaf and wire stem; wrap with florist tape)

A list of more than 100 ideas is available here.

Tell us about your celebration!

Send us a brief description of the event and a photo. (Ex: Troop 21157 hosted a GS birthday celebration at Bayou Manor on March 14 for 35 residents. Total attendance was 46.]

ONE photo per troop/group will be displayed at the B.I.G.* Event on September 29, 2012!  Electronic photo files and event descriptions sent to celebrate100@sjgs.org are preferred.  If submitting a print, send a large print (8-1/2x11 preferred) with the event description to:

GSSJC – The BIG Event, 3110 Southwest Freeway, Houston TX 77098. Prints will NOT be returned. Be sure to include contact information in case we have questions.

Visit the Celebrate 100! Resource Page for ideas to make the celebration fun!


Have questions regarding our 100th Anniversary celebrations? Email celebrate100@sjgs.org.